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Theta Healing ®

“Marion quickly got to the heart of the matter and clarified that the real issue was a deep seated emotional blockage. I came away from the session pain free for the first time in months”


£150 / session. Book a block of 4 sessions for £500.

Needing a change? If so, ThetaHealing could help. It is a powerful healing technique that changes your core negative beliefs into positive ones, enabling you to change your life and realise your full potential.

Whether you want to improve your home or work life, ThetaHealing can help you to:

  • increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • reduce your anxiety
  • relieve your chronic pain
  • resolve any unanswered questions
  • make difficult decisions
  • advance or change your career
  • stop smoking
  • lose weight
  • overcome your phobias or fears
  • improve your personal or work relationships

What to expect from ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing sessions can be in person or over Skype. All my sessions start with a chat to find out more about you and why you decided to come and see me. During the session, whilst in the Theta brainwave state, we will discuss your issue and I will ask you a series of questions related to how certain scenarios make you feel. As we do this, your core beliefs become evident through energy testing; how strong your belief is in something is reflected in the strength of your muscles, which receive chemical and electromagnetic signals from the brain. Discovering core beliefs can incite emotions, so it is not unusual for my clients to cry or react strongly to findings.

How many sessions will I need?

ThetaHealing works quickly so you may find that big changes occur after just one session, but the number of sessions you require will depend upon the strength of your core beliefs and what you hope to achieve; the stronger your beliefs the more sessions you may require to really feel the difference.

Contact Marion to discuss your requirements or to book a session or to find out about ThetaHealing courses.

More about ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 as part of her own personal healing journey. Then in 2006, after perfecting the technique, Vianna started helping and teaching others; it has been growing in popularity ever since.

With a spiritual basis, ThetaHealing utilises a combination of mediation and prayer to bring users closer to the creator of all that is; it is holistic, working on mind, body and spirit. Practitioners alter their brainwaves to enter into a theta state, where they can connect with the creator, access patients subconscious and use the powerful energy to get to the root of core beliefs. The theta brainwave, experienced most often just before sleep and immediately after waking, is associated with sleep, deep mediation, healing, and manifestations; it focuses on internal thoughts and feelings rather than external influences. With ThetaHealing, you can tune in to and learn how to listen to your intuition and use that insight to break through barriers and create a more fulfilling lifestyle. For more information on ThetaHealing or to read Vianna’s story, visit

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Courses Available
ThetaHealing Basic DNA
ThetaHealing Advanced DNA
ThetaHealing Dig Deeper

Individual sessions or available in a variety of flexible block or group sessions. Sessions can be performed in person or by Skype.

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