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  • Marion's angel card reading gave me the reassurance that I was on the right path, thank you.

    Emma Angel Card Reading
  • Thank you for the lovely Angel card reading, so insightful. Spent time going over what you said. Now understand the whole situation. Definitely recommend a reading from Marion. Will keep you informed of my progress.

    SR Angel Card Reading
  • Having had a few sessions of Reiki, I decided to try Theta Healing. OMG it was amazing, how quickly we got to the root of my confidence problems. Marion has the uncanny act of just knowing what questions to ask! She works quickly and it seems effortless to answer. I left feeling much lighter and more focused. Highly recommend a Theta session with Marion.

    JM Reiki Session
  • I had a Theta healing from Marion this week. I entered into this session with totally open mind as neither a believer or a sceptic. I reported my basic problem as lower back pain. I had received physiotherapy for this but it had had no effect. Marion quickly got to the heart of the matter and clarified that the real issue was a deep seated emotional blockage. I came away from the session pain free for the first time in months. Marion also made aware of my negative inner critic and self berating inner script which I was carrying around with me. Marion opened me up to a whole new way of looking at myself. I would thoroughly recommend a Theta healing session with Marion. She is a gifted healer.

    Mark Theta Healing
  • I had angel card reading with Marion this week. She gave me a great reading, clearing up issues which have been plaguing me for along time. Thank you for all the insights, definitely recommend a reading from this lady.

    KS Angel Card Reading
  • My Theta Healing with Marion about a month ago has really helped me shift my thinking and lifted my confidence. We were able to identify the deeper issues that were blocking me from moving forward. The session gave me clarity and cleared away my negative beliefs whilst replacing them with new, positive ones. After the session I felt a strong sense of relief and clarity and have since then taken Marion's advice to heart. I'm in a much better place now! I highly recommend a Theta Healing session with Marion!

    Mikaela Theta Healing session
  • Marion's reading of the Angel Tarot cards I selected, got straight to the heart of my concerns and she provided some excellent guidance on helping me to see the way forward. Excellent!

    LG Angel Cards
  • "Marion has helped me address some very difficult, long standing core issues and shift them. Being American, I've worked with lots of therapists before and I've not experienced anything as direct and effective as Marion's methods. She got right to the heart of the matter in angles no one else has ever taken. I felt a real change in me after our sessions. I felt like I cleared things and got clarity. I highly recommend Marion."

    SC Life Coach
  • I have had a few Skype Sessions with Marion and have found her to be very understanding and able to get to the root of the problem very quickly. If you are feeling stuck please give Marion a call, it is well worth the time and money.

    Alison Life Coach
  • I received an Angel card reading from Marion Scott it was very goid, the cards were spot on for me. i would recommend Marion to anyone looking for a reading. I will definitely be back.

    Lisa Angel Card Reading
  • Thanks for all your help and for giving me Reiki. You managed to sort my neck and shoulder. I have been going to the GP for 2 years. I have recommended you to a lot of people on Arran. Keep up the good work.

    BM Reiki
  • Marion is a very caring and professional therapist. I had a wonderful theta healing session with Marion. I was so impressed with the speed in which issues I wanted to address released from me in such a relaxing and powerful session. I have recommended Marion to many people.

    RB Theta Healing
  • I have had a number of therapies from Marion, having found that Theta Healing is the most successful with me. She manages quickly to find out what is the true problem and deals with it efficiently. Was very suspect of this but with my behaviour having changed, it truly works. Have booked further sessions as realise that there is a lot to be done. Her Angel card readings are accurate and informative. I intend to go to the next Angel Card Reading Beginners Course.

    G.A.H. Theta Healing
  • Marion, Thank you for the two Theta Healings. Whilst at first a sceptic. This therapy has started to work in a wonderful way. My behaviour patterns have already started to change. Look forward to the rest of our sessions Thank you again.

    Denise Theta Healing
  • I attended an angel card reading class with Marion a few weeks ago which was really fun and surprisingly easy! She has also done ThetaHealing for me and she is incredibly intuitive - I always feel so calm and relaxed afterwards, thanks Marion 🙂

    Kelly Angel Card Reading
  • Having recently discovered Theta I can only say what a difference it has made to me in a short space of time. Positive affirmation has made me understand and look at myself; boosted my confidence; outlook; deep sleeping; and allowed me more energy. Really wish I had met Marion years ago. What a difference! X

    A happy client
  • Marion, thank you so much for giving me my first and only hypnotheta session , it was such an AMAZING experience unlike anything i have ever experienced! It took me to a level of relaxation i have NEVER achieved before. I cannot wait for my next session and i will definatly be telling everyone i know about this amazing experience and sending them your way ! You are such an amazing healer and you have the most amazing personality 
    I've still to go my 3rd appointment however I already feel that Marion has helped me tremendously.
    Paula C.
  • I Really feel I have to write to say a massive thank you for your support in helping my son who has really been struggling of late with eating, sleeping and very low if not non-existing esteem. You dealt with him in a very open and straightforward manner where he instantly connected with you and felt at ease and this approach & made him take a step back and realise there is a resolve that he can achieve to move forward in life. More importantly you installed little triggers help assist every day for him where he previously has attended a councillor where after he sat and spoke he felt there was no forward progression bar being able to speak to someone independent and got somethings off his chest & now after seeing you he for the first time in nearly a year he is actually managing to sleep and more importantly his continual nightly nightmare has ceased. I will not say this will be the end of needing your services but knowing that he has finally found someone who understands what he is dealing with is also elevating massive pressure. As a mother, father, brother or friend we are all so grateful for the time & help you gave as you have given him the belief he is getting his life back.

    JS Edinburgh