Reiki in Edinburgh




“Thanks for all your help and for giving me Reiki. You managed to sort my neck and Shoulder. I have been going to the GP for 2 years.… Keep up the good work.”

Release your blocked energy now – £45 a session

Reiki balances and unblocks your energy to give you a sense of well-being and improve mind, body and spirit. As well as helping you feel relaxed and energised, Reiki can:

  • relieve stress
  • help you to relax
  • promote natural healing
  • reduce anxiety
  • help you to overcome depression
  • alleviate pain
  • ease PMT and menstrual problems
  • increase energy levels

What to expect from Reiki

During a Reiki treatment, I will first encourage you to relax fully clothed by either lying on a treatment couch or sitting comfortably in a chair. Placing my hands lightly on or around your body, I will then stimulate and release your blocked energy, enabling it to flow more freely around your body. Reiki is very relaxing and you may feel a sensation of heat, tingling or warmth.

How many sessions will I need?

Like many of the treatments I offer, Reiki can work fast and you may find relieve from your symptoms after just one session. However, having more or even regular Reiki sessions will increase the effectiveness of your treatment and provide greater relieve from symptoms. How many sessions you require or would like will be discussed during your first session.

I also run Reiki courses, so get in touch if you would like to book a session or find out about becoming a Reiki practitioner.

More about Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means universal energy. It is an ancient Japanese method of healing that restores balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Reiki involves a practitioner placing their hands gently on or just above the body, so is a safe, non-invasive therapy that should complement medical treatment rather than replace.

By channelling energy through their hands, Reiki practitioners stimulate energy and cause it to travel around the body. It is an intelligent therapy, in that the energy knows where it needs to flow to help you. It is this movement of energy that may cause the tingling or warm sensation that is often felt.