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Angel Card Reading

“Marion’s reading of the Angel Tarot cards I selected, got straight to the heart of my concerns and she provided some excellent guidance on helping me to see the way forward. Excellent!”


Ask your angels – £55 a session

Have you ever wondered what the future holds? If so, then an angel card reading may be just the thing for you. Tapping into an angelic presence and communicating with angels can provide guidance and give you answers and powerful insight into your life. Angel card readings are uplifting, informative and can help you to:

  • find clarity
  • gain an insight into the future
  • discover answers
  • increase understanding
  • lift your spirits
  • achieve peace of mind

What to expect from angel card readings

Angel cards connect you with your angels. Through selecting cards and interpreting their messages, your angels will provide guidance, insight and answers to any questions you may have. However, don’t be surprised if a question you ask goes unanswered; the angels tell you what you need to know.

How many readings will I need?

Angel card readings can be a booked as a one-off session or as a block depending on the guidance you require. Readings will tap into your angelic presence and help to guide you in life, so the more sessions you have, the more connected you will be with your angels and the more guidance you will receive.

Angel card readings can be on an individual or group basis and are ideal for hen parties. Contact me if you would like to know how to connect to your angels or if you would like to book a reading.

*Information received during your angel card reading is for guidance only. No medical, legal or financial advice will be given; readings are for entertainment only and relevant professionals should be consulted for advice.

More about angel card readings

Angel cards are similar to tarot cards in that they deliver messages and provide insight and guidance, but with angel cards those messages come straight from your angels and are generally more uplifting, reassuring and positive than tarot cards. Angels are looking out for us and are here to help, but so often we don’t notice and messages and opportunities just pass us by. By reading angel cards regularly, we are opening ourselves up and inviting our angels to communicate with us by giving them an outlet to provide advice and guidance that can answer a specific question, solve a particular problem or just give us more direction in life.

How to book

Individual sessions or available in a variety of flexible block or group sessions.
Ideal for group events hen parties, and gift vouchers.

Please contact directly for pricing, advice and availability for groups.

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