metatronia therapy ®

awaken the spirit of healing

promote self-healing

Metatronia Therapy ®

Cutting edge Electro-medicine – to awaken the spirit of healing and promote self healing.

Metatronia Therapy is the latest and cutting edge in Electro-medicine. ​Through the electrification of matter, Metatron ignites and awakens the Spirit within.

In healing the mind, you become your own best “healer” and remember that you are complete and you are not broken and do not need “fixing”. When the mind is healed, this then is reflected in the outer-world reality of the observer/experiencer.

£40 / session


This healing can be hands on or at a distance the effect being the same. Using Archangel Metatron to heal your body. This can be physical, mental or emotional pain. His powerful healing has been used for all types of situations with wonderful results. – Tammy L Majchrzak (Founder)


Health, well being, for anyone who requires the strongest healing of Angels, Healing for the mental

  • Reduced pain / anti-inflammatory
  • Healing of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and celestial bodies
  • DNA / RNA restructuring / rejuvenation / Change at the cellular level
  • Release the trauma / negative behavior / lifting frequency
  • Energising
  • Self-Realization
  • Removal of Barriers / Blocks
  • Increased awareness of Oneness and Unity

How to book

Individual sessions or available in a variety of flexible block or group sessions.

Courses can be performed in person, or at a distance.

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